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Population: 63,217

When the humans triumphed over their elven overlords, they killed most of them. Those they did not kill, they marched into this city and forbade them to leave it. The elves had to survive in the city, a former provincial capital, without any outside help for more than 50 years, and many of them starved during that time.

Since then, the travel restrictions have been lifted - mostly because the humans became so fractious that it became impossible to enforce them - but most elves still live here, in the shadows of their former glories. No human remains alive who remembers the rebellion, but some elves do, and they have had a long time to nurture their grudges and plan their revenge until the day comes when they reclaim what they see as their right.

The city itself seems fairly empty and mostly in ruins, but this is a deception - the elves have taken care to hide their wealth and resources from any human who might try to claim them. While humans will not be attacked if they travel in large groups out of fear of triggering another pogrom against the elves, they will be constantly watched and made feel unwelcome. Most humans are glad to leave.

As of late, quite a few groups of elven and sidhe adventurers from Avareen have journeyed to this city to "help their kin". As the resources of Avareen are vast, the humans of the Verdant Coast may be in for a nasty surprise.

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