Bygone Vale
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Somewhere along the northern coastline of the Lands of the Dead there is a long, streamless valley jutting deep into the rock to the south. If a foolish mortal were to walk up this valley, he would notice how the humidity of the sea soon recedes, leaving a dry, dead chill that no fire will be able to warn. There is no sign of animal life other than a few insects, and only small, seemingly dried-up plants manage to find shelter here. The only sound he will hear is that of the wind sweeping dust and ashes through the canyons.

As he ascends even further, he will finally come across vast tomb complexes, some of recent construction while others seem to be so old they couldn't possibly have been made by human hands. With this, he has reached Bygone Vale, possibly the most dangerous place in the world for anyone still drawing breaths. For it is here where many ancient liches retire from the world, spending eternity in communion with the forces of death and each other until they have shed their bodies entirely. And while they seem uninterested in the affairs of the outside world, none of them like to be disturbed. Rumors place the number of lich residents (not counting their hordes of undead servants) from a dozen to as many as fifty, but none have tried to count their number.

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I'm imagining this valley with the soundtrack "Emperor's Throne Room" from Return of the Jedi - Bygone Vale is steeped in ancient, powerful evil that none but the mightiest heroes have a chance of defeating, and the local atmosphere should constantly reinforce this.


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