Caída del muerto
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This outcropping from the cliffs south of Judario serves as the traditional means of capital punishment for the city - convicts are forced to jump down to the rocks below. Usually the execution is performed at low tide, but when there is a sliver of doubt or extenuating circumstances it is performed at high tide, when there is a slim chance of survival. Survivors are usually pardoned tor their sentence reduced to life in prison (often with a renewed investigation of their possible innocence).

Seagulls always circle the rocks below Caída del muerto, even when there are no human remains to feast upon, and local superstition holds that the spirits of the executed move into these birds. For this reason, nobody attacks any seagulls within the city, for fear of attracting vengeful spirits.

Executions used to be a private affair, but whenever an execution is scheduled these days a lot of tourists tend to gather and watch.

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