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Population: 73,227

The center of power for the Vanir, Calaviel has seen a strong population boom recently as most of the half-elven children of the realm are raised and educated here - and since they find far more acceptance here than in the regions dominated by other factions, most of them stay here.

In comparison to the often quiet and almost tranquil atmosphere, Calaviel is often loud and unruly thanks to the predominantly young population, which often displays all too human passions. Many of the half-elves realize that too many elves are less than accepting of them, and instead of conforming to the wishes of their sidhe parents they are trying to search for their own identities - even if they shock others in the process. As a result, there have been disputes and even brawls between the half-elves and the other elven residents, and the situation might soon escalate even further.

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