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Population: 1,753,488

The largest city of the Alliance, Calessio sits near the center of its territory and in the middle of its most fertile farmlands. The city is sprawling across a large territory, with many fields and gardens within the city limits, and it has no outer walls. As a result, it is virtually indefensible, and has traditionally preferred to pay reasonable amounts of tribute to the largest military power in the vicinity (usually the Fortress Home), leaving the priests of Kortus who rule the community to do what they do best - tending to the fields.

The current tight integration into the Alliance war effort represents a departure from the traditional neutrality of the city, and many worry that the commitment of its citizens is less than firm. Another problem is that League spies and saboteurs can sneak into the city and sabotage installations and food supplies with little effort, for both sides know that armies ultimately march on their stomachs.

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