The Canael, or "River of Flowers" derives its name from the many enchanted trees growing along its length. They produce a large variety of many-hued flowers throughout the year, and when these flowers drop into the river, they float on it and continue to bloom for days until they have floated out into the reaches of the Great Lake (where they are often collected by the Lakefolk, who believe they bring good luck). At Lorendur, they almost form a thick carpet on the water which greatly enhances the beauty of the city.

Creating a new type of flower tree is considered great art in Avareen, and someone who comes up with a tree that spawns new, unusual, and beautiful flowers can win great acclaim among the nobles.

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Every elven realm needs a bit of whimsy. The idea of creating trees for the sole purpose of making a river many miles downriver more beautiful just seemed to fit.


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