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Population: 378,391


Formerly an independent city flourishing under the Cult of Dahla, Cantoria was conquered by the Fortress Home more than a century ago. The followers of Argannon hold all official positions, though the Dahlans still constitute the majority of the population, and they start effective programs of passive resistance if pushed too far by the authorities. Nevertheless, the senior clergy of Dahla has continually refused to attempt to violently oust their occupiers, which frustrates younger members of the faith. Instead, they see this as just another opportunity to make new converts among the occupying forces. This has met with some success, though at such a slow rate that does nothing to quell the impatience of the younger generations.

Particularly galling for many citizens is the fact that Fortress Home effectively controls the vote of Cantoria in the Alliance Council, and some have made moves to pressure the other Alliance members to intervene and give Cantoria its independence back. Unfortunately, League spies have infiltrated these efforts and attempt to use it to drive the Alliance apart.

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Despite the "Good Guy" status of the Alliance of the Pantheon, it has some significant injustices of its own. Cantoria is one such example. It remains to be seen whether the current status can persist when the Alliance cities are pressured to cooperate more strongly with each other…


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