Carsus Dig
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Carsus was the largest Atalan city in the region before the Eternal Storm broke loose. Approximately 20,000 people lived here, but they were instantly petrified by a storm flare and subsequently buried by other detritus.

Eight years ago, the Professor of Archaeology Stanley Newmark of Dartmouth University started to excavate the city and discovered that the spirits of the Atalan citizens remained trapped within their petrified form. He used magical rituals designed to cure petrification, and was able to revive over three hundred Atalans before his funding ran out three years later, gaining vast knowledge about the Atalan Empire in the process. The revived Atalans were resettled in Dartmouth - most of them in New Carsus in Barslow.

Now the dig lays abandoned and scavengers descend from time to time. Knowledge about the petrified Atalans has spread, and an excavated Atalan is worth much to some people - as exotic slave, as a unique statue, or even ground up into powder as ritual component or alleged magical curative.

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