Causeway City
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Population: 11,756

In the northern highlands of the Far Coast, explorers discovered the ruins of a vast city on an island in the middle of a lake. Most archaeologists estimate that the city must have been home to several hundred thousands of people in its prime, and the center of a large empire. Its most noteworthy features are several large pyramids (which seem to have been used for large numbers human sacrifices, judging by the number of bones found there), as well as several lengthy aqueducts and causeways leading to the city - the latter giving the new settlement founded by explorers and colonists their name. The causeways and aqueducts only had minor damage when they were discovered, and all the causeways as well as one aqueduct have now been repaired, allowing Causeway City access to the mainland and providing it with a steady supply of fresh water for its rapidly growing population. As the causeways can also easily be defended from any outside threats has also added to the popularity of the new settlement, as has the plentiful living space (since anyone who wants to get a house of his own only has to clear one from the plant growth). In addition, the city is one and a half miles above sea level, which keeps temperatures tolerable in comparison to the fetid lowland jungles - and the large lake further cools the region. Thus, it is not surprising that the town has become the largest settlement in the interior of the Far Coast.

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