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In the old myths, Cetos the whale was the companion of Ungol who accompanied him on his many voyages into the unknown. But one day, the story goes, Ungol discovered the way to the Great Beyond, and Cetos was left behind. Cetos swims the Astral Plane still, a whale the size of a small continent, in the hopes of finding a way to the Great Beyond as well and be reunited with his old master and friend. He appears visibly aged, and his skin is riddled with the marks of diseases, but still he goes on.

As he swallows almost everything in his path, usually without noticing, entire societies of creatures (including angels and devils, as well as humans and other mortal races) have sprung up in his belly, which is essentially a small world of its own. Escape through his blowhole is possible for those who are determined (though the journey is long and arduous), but many inhabitants are quite content with staying inside the belly (which has a ball of fire acting like a miniature sun at its center). Some factions have sprung up (consisting mainly of Ungol worshipers) which wish to help Cetos with finding a way to the Great Beyond so that they can experience it themselves, while others are opposed to such schemes, fearing what the Great Beyond hides.

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My own take on the old "swallowed by a giant whale" stories. Adding a new wrinkle to the mythology of Urbis was just a bonus.


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