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Population: 637,543

Chanes is famed for its musicians, singers, and composers. Its people started with the systematic exploration of all facets of music centuries ago, and now excel in it. Many of the most potent bardic songs of modern times can ultimately be traced back to this city, and many bards come back here regularly to learn more. Their master bards are said to be able make the most depressive people happy again with their music, or drive sane men mad with a few notes. As of late, "musical spas" have become a fad among the rich and powerful of many regions, and they spend a few weeks here and allow musical therapies to alleviate their many ailments.

Now a firm member of the League of Armach, the city has turned its knowledge of the musical arts to propaganda purposes. New songs are being composed that instill patriotism in the soldiers of the League - and some of them have even become popular among the League's enemies, despite all efforts to suppress them. It has been claimed that the musical masterminds of Chanes were as much responsible for the rapid expansion of the League as its armies.

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