Charles Boberth
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Charles Boberth was the first successful dressmaker in Praxus, becoming more than a garment maker and more of an artist in the eyes of the local nobility. Instead of allowing his patrons control the design of the dress, Boberth insisted on maintaining a set of recent designs that patrons could choose from and modify based only on color or fabric. He would fit the dress specifically to the customer. After his popularity spread, noble women from all over the Flannish Cities began to visit him for a "Charles Boberh original."

At that time, rather than hire an apprentice who could later steal his techniques and designs, Boberth began to turn down clients, only increasing his fame and the demand for his dresses. He used his wealth to buy up many of the surrounding buildings in Fredericksworth (which he still owns) and convinced fabric dyers and textile makers to rent the shops from him. Suddenly, Fredericksworth became a hot spot for fashion and clothing and competitors moved into the district as well.

Charles Boberth still has many contacts through this area, and although his competition is getting better and better, he revels in it. Occasionally, a struggling, but competent designer new to the area may get assistance (usually a discount on fabric or rent) from one of Charles' contacts or from Charles himself. However, these newcomers will never be told who is giving them assistance and Charles will never reveal it himself. However, if these designers fail to produce, Charles will make sure they never work in Fredericksworth again.

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Designer's Notes & Resources

When looking for a fun character to populate Fredericksworth, I turned to research on fashion history and came across a figure named Charles Frederick Worth. Charles Boberth is almost a complete reincarnation of this historical figure in a fantasy setting. Luckily, he isn't well-known enough for it to break the sense of disbelief for most people.


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