Charles Shend

Charles Shend is the founder and majority owner of the Shend Mercantile Company. Even at the venerable age of 76, Charles Shend seems both physically and mentally adroit and there are no major contenders to take his place as the leader of the Mercantile Company.

Even his children and grandchildren are completely loyal and believe that he is the best leader of the Company, fully content to run minor matters while their experienced ancestor controls the complicated details.

Charles Shend is known to be a shrewd, cold, calculating businessman lacking in emotion when it comes to numbers and business. However, his experience has taught him to remember that his employees must be content and relatively happy or they will be less productive at the very least. He knows that even happiness and productivity are part of the equation and everything must be taken into consideration for the business to be run smoothly.

Charles Shend is certainly feeling his age- his bones and muscles are weak and a mental disease is slowly ruining his cognitive abilities. He is frightened of his slow aging and every morning he must be seen by others, other than his head maid, he quaffs a magical potion or two just to get around without a cane. If he is dealing with significant matters that day or meeting potential rivals, clients, or business partners he will also drink other attribute increasing potions to enhance the illusion. He has some items that give him longer lasting attribute increases, but only wears these occasionally so as not to attract attention to his feeble condition. Only two of his servants know of his actual condition: His head maid, whom he is also having an affair with, is completely loyal and collects the potions for his daily needs; and his horse-master, who only recently discovered the correlation and is only waiting for a profitable moment to reveal his discovery.

He is obsessed with attempts to return his body to its younger, stronger state, but prefers to communicate with researchers outside of his company with detailed codes than work with wizards and clerics already in his employ. If anyone were to discover his actual condition they might be more inclined to go after his power and leadership over the company.

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