Children Of The Night
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The Children of the Night are an organization (in the loosest sense) of young people consisting mainly of children from good families and of artists - most of them do not need to pursue a normal job for a living. What they have in common is that they all desire to become vampires out of a romantic idealization of the vampiric state of existence, and they constantly seek rumors of vampires in the hopes of finding and getting infected by them.

Most real vampires tend to stay away from them, as they realize that vampire hunters tend to watch such groups in order to find them - and if members of the Children of the Night find them, it is far more likely that they will become a fortifying midnight snack instead of a creature of the night. Still, some vampires do use this group in order to gain minions (undead or alive) from time to time.

In the meantime, members of this group spend their time with dressing in black, working on their pale complexions, and writing poetry about the depressing nature of existence.

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Designer's Notes & Resources

While the parallels to the modern goth scene is obvious, similar cultural movements actually predate current times. The Gothic fiction of the late 18th and the 19th century taps into the same vein, and the circle of admirers Lord Byron attracted also fits fairly well. But the real inspiration was an article about people living today who intentionally seek infection with the HIV virus as an erotic act. After all, vampirism is often seen as a metaphor for disease…


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