Chimeric Forest
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The Chimeric Forest is sacred to the goddess Mara, and not without cause - even for the Lake of Dreams region her realm is particularly close here, and figures of dream often slip over into the waking world and vice versa. Several villages worshiping the deity surround the forest and patrol its boundaries, ensuring the mutual safety of waking travelers and creatures of dream both. However, these villages are only a shadow of their former self as 37 years ago an adventurer from Dartmouth named Manuel Cabell who ventured into the depths of the forest somehow attained the power to summon creatures from nightmares in large numbers, and he used them to create a vast army to conquer the surrounding territories. The villages were the first in his path, but the survivors regrouped and managed to organize an alliance of neighboring city-states which eventually defeated Cabell.

The surviving dream creatures mostly retreated to the forest, and most of them are quite shy around visitors and not nearly as hostile and aggressive as their appearance suggest. Some are quite happy to politely talk with human visitors or even trade with them, wishing to put their past as soldiers in a conquering army behind them. However, enough walking nightmares remain which relish preying on mortals, and some even attempt to reorganize their fellow monsters into a marauding army again.

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