Citizen's Constabulary of Praxus
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The Citizen's Constabulary of Praxus (CPP) is the "interior guard" of the city and maintains law anywhere inside of the city's gates. Their use of reach weapons to disarm troublemakers combined with their heavy use of nonlethal truncheons makes them an effective force when dealing with the city's lawbreakers. However, since their techniques are less than lethal, they have been accused by some visitors of being overly aggressive toward "lesser criminals" such as beggars and street children.

Visitors and residents are routinely stopped by the CCP in an attempt to discourage crime. During these routine stops, the CCP examines the persons' identification papers and might even question a visitor's motives or intentions in the city. Most of the city's residents understand that the CCP's examinations keep them safe from criminals and anarchists and that law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear.

They feel that anyone who resists or runs from the CCP is probably a criminal anyway, so any "harsh treatment" from the Constabulary is justified. It is not unknown, however, that visitors and residents who look "different" are more likely to be stopped and screened. It is well known that resistance to the CCP's questioning or refusal to display identification papers upon request only gets you arrested and interrogated by the Constabulary's special "Investigation Unit."

The CCP can be identified not only by the weapons they carry, but by their gray uniforms with gold trim. The CCP often come into conflict with the Praxus Militia since the Militia's jurisdiction includes the city gates and anything in the Praxus Protectorate.

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