Citizen's Constabulary of Praxus Headquarters
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The Headquarters of the Citizen's Constabulary of Praxus is an architectural marvel of its own. Effectively a tower raised 15 feet off the ground by a large central column and a dozen smaller ones, the building's design makes it terribly difficult to scale or sneak into, since the only entrance is the heavily guarded central column.

The exterior walls are shiny and slick coated with some magical effect to further inhibit those who would attempt to access the building in an unauthorized manner. A catwalk surrounds the upper part of the tower, constantly manned by at least one guard.

The central column is protected by a simple iron gate and lock, but the entrance to the building itself is a large steel door that is bolted during times of threat or heavily restricted access. Several moving platforms can occasionally be seen on the inside of the column allowing access to the higher floors.

The building is more guarded even than it appears. Alarm spells are set in the evenings that are triggered from any movement under the building and the moving platforms are staffed and guarded. The entire building can lower onto the ground on command, crushing any who attempt to break in via the lower levels. Magical crossbow mounts on the roof and in key areas dispatch any airborne threats.

The CCP Headquarters is almost impenetrable except by the most skilled trespassers.

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