Cloven Vale
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A small valley located at the headwaters of the Clearspring river, Cloven Vale provides sanctuary for all who reach it with peaceful intent. Ruled over by a mysterious, powerful, and seemingly immortal half-elven lord, it welcomes all who wish its inhabitants no harm and allows them to find and navigate the treacherous mountain paths leading there (some of them branching off from the Old Road). All others are mystically warded against coming even close to the valley, and even if their will was strong enough to find it, the other defenses of its inhabitants are not to be underestimated. Many sidhe of the Royal Court of Avareen see the mere existence of the valley and its inhabitants as something of an embarrassment, and refuse to speak of it.

Those who find their way here can stay for long periods and are fed and given shelter in its beautifully adorned buildings without being charged, although few truly retire here. Instead, the valley often seems like a gathering place for those who have similar purposes and drives without even realizing it before they came here. Many groups of adventurers have met here for the first time and subsequently set out on quests of great importance.

Adventure Ideas

  • The Athanatos Club hears rumors about the immortality of the ruler of Cloven Vale, and plans to investigate. The PCs are either hired to find out more, or they are guests in Cloven Vale who must deal with disruptions caused by the agents of the Club.

Designer's Notes & Resources

This is the Urbis equivalent of Rivendale. And I'm sorry about the bad pun, but I really couldn't resist.


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