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The known planes of existence include:

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

I had developed a complex but cunning cosmology which revolved around the cardinal points of "Fire", "Water", "Earth", "Air", "Good", "Evil", "Law", "Chaos", "Positive Energy", and "Negative Energy". Stable planes of existence would spring up at points equidistant to two non-opposing cardinal points - so you would have a plane of "Evil Life (Positive Energy)", but not one of "Lawful Chaos". You can read more about the entire setup here.

Then D&D 4E threw out most of the alignments, and Law and Chaos were no longer the "cosmic forces" they used to be. So I'm back to the drawing board now. Let's see what I can salvage of the old cosmology…

I want the new cosmology to stand out, but similar enough to the "default" 4E cosmology that most plane-specific concepts will work with Urbis anyway. If you have any good ideas, please tell me about them.


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