Council of Captains
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The Council of Captains is an organization regularly meeting in the Harbor borough of Dartmouth which sees itself as representing the maritime interests within the city. In earlier times, any captain of a ship who was in the city at the time was entitled to speak in and vote on the Council - which sometimes lead to the inclusion of some notorious privateers and pirates - but over time control of the Council ended up with the various major shipowners based in Dartmouth who stayed within the city around the year and were thus able to set the agenda - and eventually, voting power. Nevertheless, twice a year there are traditional "open sessions" where every shipowner is allowed to speak his mind, and which eventually culminate into major Harbor festivals.

While the various members of the Council - who are usually counted among the First Families - try to present a united front to the other power groups within the city, it remains a fact that most of them are business rivals who constantly scheme to increase their wealth and strongly compete for trade routes. There is heavy trading of favors when it comes to distributing newly opened routes among their members, and the only thing they can agree on is keeping outsiders from cutting into their business. Still, new shipowners in the city who have proved themselves to be smart and ruthless enough to withstand the united power of the Council are usually invited to join it.

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