Crown Island
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Crown Island, an extinct volcano named for the jagged appearance of its partially-eroded crater peak, used to be the main hideout for numerous bands of pirates, slave traders, and worse, and Crownport, its main settlement, was so well-defended that no fleet of any city-state of the region has dared to lay siege to it for centuries. However, 42 years ago an ancient, red-hued dragon appeared out of nowhere and burned the town down in a single night, scattering the survivors to the four winds and laying claim to the massive treasures left there. Since then, it has rarely left the islands, though blue dragons from the south sometimes seem to visit it, and then these titans take to the skies in an aerial dance - but whether this represents a draconic challenge or something else, no one can say.

While the pirates of the Lake of Dreams have moved their hideouts elsewhere, there are still a few elderly survivors among them left who nurse old scars and grudges. Many of them would love to return to Crown Island and reclaim some of the treasures they left there - all they need are some brave (or foolish) youngsters to accompany them on their quest…

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