Crown of Siral
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Siral was a short-lived kingdom that existed in the western Lands of the Dead centuries ago. Its conquering king expanded the nation rapidly through the region, but his heirs were all killed and in his old age he feared that all his accomplishments were for nothing. This, he commissioned the Crown of Siral, a powerful artifact that has two effects on its wearers: It makes them incredibly charismatic and thus capable of attracting large numbers of followers, and it instills the compulsion to rule, defend, and expand the Kingdom of Siral.

Unfortunately, the Crown installs none of the other skills needed for ruling a nation. Thus, the Kingdom of Siral has been re-founded numerous times in the previous centuries, only to fall apart again as the current bearer of the Crown makes too many enemies and is disposed of. The rulers of this region recognize the disruptive influence of the Crown for what it is and tend to act aggressively against any renewed sign of its influence. However, attempts to hide the Crown away tend to fail - the Crown, it seems, wants to be found, and thus the cycle continues.

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