Cryelian Gate
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Cryelian Gates are cult sites of the followers of Cryelis which attempt to emulate the original Gates of Cryelis on a smaller scale. These sites generally feature basins large enough for a fully grown human either to lie in or even stand in (at the larger sites) without reaching the top. During special cult ceremonies, the basin is filled with toxic vapors, either produced by alchemical means or with magic. Like at the original site, those who die during the ceremonies will directly descend to the Plane of Shadows as ghosts, though unlike with the original site a religious ritual is needed for this effect.

The Discendenti generally have a Cryelian Gate in each city where they have established a significant presence, and their oldest members often use these ceremonies to join the ranks of the Righteous Dead - their honored, ghostly ancestors. This may also be offered to higher-ranking members who lose an internal power struggle, as a "honorable" way of dying. However, traitors to the family are ritually bound and thrown into the basin, so that their ghosts are enslaved - or worse - by the Discendenti dead on the other side.

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