Cryptozoological Society
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The world is home to an astoundingly large number of bizarre creatures, and more varieties are discovered every year. The Cryptozoological Society is dedicated to finding and cataloging all of them, and its members are frequently away from its Rondhaven headquarters to explore strange and distant lands for their even stranger inhabitants.

The Society is infamous in scientific circles for frequently letting enthusiasm get in the way of careful research - or even common sense. They have been the victims of elaborate hoaxes more than once, and many of their field researchers are too quick to label rumors as "facts". Still, they had a few noteworthy successes over the years, and that, as well as its popular "Cryptozoological Annual" publication, keep it in business and at least semi-respectability. Anyone who can bring them new and unusual animal or plant species - dead or alive - will be well rewarded, and even rumors and tales of encounters with such creatures might be compensated if the narrator strikes a member as trustworthy.

Adventure Ideas

  • The Cryptozoological Society makes a great patron for player characters who enjoy monster-hunting.

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