Crystal Forest
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When the Eternal Storm broke loose, a section of the forest of Tuvareen was engulfed by it. When the storm flare receded, the entire forest had been turned into crystal - the trees, the animals, even the very earth were now made many-hued crystal.

However, this didn't mean that they had died. Rather, any beings that were alive before the transformation now continued life as crystal entities. Crystal animals ate crystal plants, crystal plants grew out of the crystal ground, and a few bands of unfortunate elves who had been caught in the storm now lived on by hunting the crystal animals and eating them. The elves of Turaveen recoiled in horror and avoided all contact with their cursed brethren, and the crystal elves, who were now unable to eat organic matter, likewise rarely left the Crystal Forest. This state of affairs continued for centuries, and though crystal animals and plants were considered to be an interesting curiosity in far-off lands (especially in the city of Mercytos, where crystal-growing has long been a well-established profession and where it was possible to keep some of the crystal entities alive away from their home), the forest was mostly left to its own devices.

However, in recent decades some of the forest's neighbors have noticed that the forest seems to grow beyond its original confines. Certain scholars who investigated these claims have discovered that some plants have appeared at the forest's borders which can seemingly transform ordinary earth and stone into crystal, thus expanding the size of this bizarre ecosystem. What this portends for the rest of the region remains to be seen.

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