Custodians of the Hallowed Blood
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Many faiths hold that their deities once walked Rothea in mortal form - either as avatars or before they ascended to godhood. And while others claim that their patron god never had a mortal form, it is usually not that difficult to find heretical texts claiming otherwise.

And sometimes, these avatars leave behind children - children of a divine lineage. While many old stories claim that their parentage gave them powers beyond that of ordinary mortals, separating fact from fiction is difficult, and for the most part their lines faded into obscurity - although not a few aristocratic lines claim to be descendant from such divine scions.

However, a secret society called the Custodians of the Hallowed Blood is apparently quite interested in tracking these lineages. They claim - at least to those they approach as prospective members - that they want to protect these scions and by carefully arranged marriages make sure that their bloodlines do not die out and are even increased in potency. And as they allegedly can test the potency of one's divine blood via secret alchemical means, they feel it is only matter of time until they can produce people with the power of the demigods of old who can then be put into positions of power so that they can rule the world with divine wisdom.

However, there are rumors that this organization is nothing more than a cynical ploy by a coven of vampires to breed humans for specific "flavors".

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