Cyrus Greystone
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As a highly fractious group organized along a loose cell network, the Secondaries don't really have clear leaders. However, they do have great "Heroes of the People" who have inspired the poor and oppressed workers to rise up and stand firm for their rights with their zeal, passionate oratory, and (if the need is great) the strength of their arms. And even among these, the name Cyrus Greystone stands apart. Arriving in the dark of night, his fiery speeches have whipped up even the most desperate workers into a highly focused protesting mob, and with his giant sledgehammer this huge man has personally destroyed more than a few symbols of oppression. And the authorities never seem to be able to catch him. Hiding his true identity behind a gray cloth mask, he always makes his escape just before the city guards close in on him, only to bedevil them another night.

The reason for this is that Greystone, unknown to both his followers and his enemies, is actually a vampire. He had been a member of the Secondaries even while he was still a mortal, and when a vampire turned him into his spawn to gain control over some local cells of the group, Greystone was able to overcome that vampire's mental dominion due to his strong will and destroy her. Since then he has been using his now supernatural charisma and monstrous strength for the cause he has always believed in, and drawn on his other vampiric abilities (such as his mist form) to escape when it seemed prudent. He mostly feeds on the blood of animals to survive, and when his cravings for human blood become too great to ignore, he satisfies it by stalking and feeding on known oppressors, taking care that his victim is not connected in any way with his latest public activities. Greystone believes himself to be in control of his undead state and is confident he will not degenerate into a true monster. He may be right.

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I hit on the idea when listening to the soundtrack "The People Are Heroes" for Civilization IV - a very "heroic" soundtrack reminiscent of Communist propaganda songs. Thus, introducing an NPC playing the part of the "Hero of the People" seemed appropriate - and making him a vampire to reflect the fantastic nature of the setting also seemed right. Whether he will remain true to his cause or become a force of evil as great or greater than those he opposes is left as an open question.


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