Danaan's Hope
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Population: 53,218

Founded by a retired adventuring group and their families 150 years ago, Danaan's Hope sits on the western end of a major pass through the Shieldwall Mountains, its buildings and fortifications digging into well-protected side valleys and the mountains themselves to protect them from the elements. It's a major stopover for prospectors wishing to travel closer to the Stormheart, and the nearby eastern slopes are full of opportunities for them as well.

The families descended from the founders still run the city, with each controlling their own niche in the economy and infrastructure. However, over the course of several generations, this has resulted in frictions and rivalries between the clans, and some of them are now barely even on speaking terms.

This situation has only intensified when local dwarves discovered that subterranean lava streams have created fault lines which make the pass region around the city unstable. While there are several possible solutions which have been proposed so far - reinforcing the caves from within with the help of dwarven engineers, warding the city magically against earthquakes, or simply relocating the city to a more stable place nearby - the clans cannot agree on which course to take, as each is worried first and foremost on how this will affect its own fortunes. Some even propose asking the Hobgoblin Dominions or the League of Armach for help, which others, who fear for their independence, fiercely oppose. Already a few locals have ended up dead when brawls between the clans became too heated, and more and more people are beginning to leave Danaan's Hope because they do not longer believe that the clans will put their squabbling aside in time to deal with the impending disaster.

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