Darcel Crematorium

Built in 1419 to take care of the Praxus dead after the R. Belle Memorial Necropolis was declared full, the massive Darcel Crematorium has been busy ever since. Rightfully so, as Praxus law dictated at the Darcel Crematorium's opening that all creatures who die in Praxus and are not raised from the dead must be cremated or removed from the city for burial unless there is an ongoing investigation into the situation surrounding their death.

The crematorium does not deal with grieving families or funeral services and those who can afford to will go through the Guild of Morticians and Undertakers or one of the local churches. Generally, the local churches will perform modest services, including transportation of the body to the crematorium and a short service, for a very low cost, but expensive church services are not unknown for the most religious members of the upper class. The Guild of Morticians and Undertakers, on the other hand, arrange everything from food, drink, and funeral invitations to legal paperwork, blessings and corpse transportation and may work in conjunction with a church if requested. The truly poor are forced to transport the body to the crematorium themselves and make due with a short prayer or family gathering for a funeral service.

The crematorium was built using magical techniques and equipment that make the smell bearable, but those who work or reside in this area still get a whiff of burning flesh now and then. The crematorium is mostly staffed with workers from Spelsburg.

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