Dartmouth University
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While not the largest institute of learning among the Flannish Cities (that honor belongs to Praxus University), Dartmouth University is certainly among the oldest, and it shows - in the centuries of its existence it has become steeped in tradition and its structure is a confusing system rarely understood by outsiders. It is structured into a number of distinct halls and colleges, each of which operate semi-independently from the whole and have their own budgets, as well as titles for senior staff. However, the actual departments of the university which are divided by subject matter and areas of concern are organized centrally and each student and faculty member must be member of both a particular college and the university as a whole. Fights over budgets and other internal political matters are often vicious beyond that of any other institute of higher learning, and many of the colleges have held traditional grudges against each other for generations, which are perpetuated by numerous student pranks. The only thing that can unite the colleges is an outside threat, such as attempts to "reform" the structure of the university or attempts by the city government to slash its budget - which will bring down the ire of the extremely well-connected alumni network on any politician unwise enough to suggest it.

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Dartmouth University is inspired by Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, and game masters are encouraged to read up on those


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