Dawes Foundation
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Chesterfield Dawes was one of Dartmouth's more famous explorers and adventurers, constantly exploring distant lands, unraveling mysteries, fighting evil cults, and otherwise leading a life right out of an adventure serial novel. Over the course of decades he amassed a significant fortune, one that his various relatives were eager to attain upon his death last year. Sadly for them, his will gave them but a pittance while reserving the lion's share for a new trust - the Dawes Foundation. He appointed various old friends and adventuring companions as trustees and tasked them with sending out suitable younger adventurers to take care of various unfinished business from his own adventuring days - getting to the bottom to old secrets, finding proof about the activities of various evildoers, and so forth. Many of these activities come with cash prices upon completion set down in the will itself, and anyone can attempt them as long they can prove their success to the trustees afterwards. Others will be ordered at the discretion of the trustees who search long and hard for suitable candidates, many of whom will be taken on as retainers afterwards and gain access to a special club house in Hensington.

So far, the Dawes Foundation has only existed for a year, but it has generated no shortage of news stories so far, and the public follows the exploits of its retainers with interest. Its future is still in doubt - even if it survives the numerous lawsuits the heirs of Dawes have brought against it, it is far from inconceivable that one of the powerful evil organizations the Foundation has fought will retaliate in a spectacular fashion. But for the moment, it thrives, and has become one of the most powerful group of adventurers in Dartmouth.

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Designer's Notes & Resources

This was inspired by the old Shadowrun sourcebook Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets which gives an excellent example of how a long and rambling will can generate adventures for years of game time.


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