Deep 14
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One of a number of highly secret government facilities hidden deep beneath Praxus, Deep 14 houses a unique magical experiment. Certain alchemical substances are known to react to the moods and thoughts of nearby living beings, and at great expense the city government produced enough to fill a massive tank measuring 10 by 10 by 5 yards. The few visitors cleared to visit the facility - most of whom are members of the scientific staff observing and maintaining the experiment - are required to put on magical items shielding all their thoughts, so that the substances within the tank are not "contaminated" by their thoughts.

Thus, the substances instead react to the masses of people in the city far above - and observing them allows the staff to get a general impression of the current mood of the population. Over time, their skill at reading the eddies and currents of the tank has allowed them to pinpoint specific crisis points - while this method of divination is not accurate enough to pinpoint individuals, even knowing that a few city blocks within one districts are a focus point for fear and anger has been invaluable to city management more than once. The highest echelons of the city government were sufficiently impressed by such reports that the Deep 14 project currently does not lack for any funds, and new sub-projects to improve the accuracy of the readings are a frequent occurrence - and one long-term goal is to build a new, larger tank at a different location that could "receive" such empathic emissions from the entirety of the Flannish Cities.

A minority of the scientists has begun to voice suspicions that certain flows indicate that there is some sort of larger intelligence influencing events within the city. The majority dismisses such concerns, claiming that these observations point to either the city government or the general proclivity of people to organize in networks, but the former remain unconvinced. Some speculate that Praxus might have some kind of "city spirit" as an unseen but all-pervasive presence - but so far, no real proof has been uncovered.

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