Demons are extraplanar creatures hailing from the various emanations of the Qlippoth. They are utterly alien creatures, whose overwhelming desire seems to be to destroy - creatures, objects, even abstract concepts, and presumably ultimately all of existence. The majority of demons seem to be utterly mindless, though there are a number of demonic entities with frightening intelligence and power. The different emanations of the Qlippoth seem to be home to different types of demons - in both form and personality - and thus they are generally categorized by which of the various planes of the Qlippoth they hail from.

Their existence was unknown before the Eternal Storm erupted in 510 NA, creating a gateway to the outermost shell of the Qlippoth. Indeed, they cannot exist in the Material Plane for long, and are generally forced back to the Qlippoth soon after emerging from the Stormheart. The weaker demons can move relatively far from it without vanishing, and are able to plague some human settlements, but the more powerful demons are too unstable in this reality to venture far from the gate. The only exception to this rule are demons who manifest thanks to summoning rituals which have been developed since their existence became known. Demons make powerful if hostile servants, and many ritual spellcasters cannot resist binding them despite the risks.

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D&D has always treated demons and devils as distinct races of evil, extraplanar creatures. Before D&D 4E, they were distinguished by their alignment - devils were lawful, and demons were chaotic. With the reorganization of alignment and the planes of existence in 4E (and the fact that no specific types of demons and devils were included in the 4E SRD), I was free to come up with entirely new concepts to distinguish them.

In Urbis, devils are parasites preying on humanity to gain power. Demons, on the other hand, simply want to destroy all of existence. Thus, they are opposed, since the destruction of every living being would deny the devils their food.


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