Devil Lord

Devil lords are the most powerful of the devils and the undisputed rulers of Sheol. Even the weakest among their number has swallowed more than a thousand mortal souls, and they dominate the greater devils as the greater devils dominate their lessers. They rarely involve themselves in the affair of the Material Plane directly, spending most of their time plotting and scheming against their peers and striving to gain access to the Axis Mali. Still, most of them do have hidden pawns among the mortal herd, as mortals can be surprisingly useful for their schemes at times - and if some self-appointed heroes are willing to strike down the cults of their foes for them, then so much the better.

Most of the lords of Sheol maintain one or more cities where they can demonstrate the splendor and terror of their rule. Sometimes, unlucky mortals dream of them, and more than one poet has written of these visions in his own blood while he slowly expired.

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