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Population: 931,231

The city only agreed to joining the League of Armach when the League military was practically on its doorsteps, and thus was only able to negotiate very unfavorable terms for itself. While Dirbos is represented on the League Council, it has to pay much higher taxes than other cities, a fact that causes considerable resentment. Another unpopular concession was that the League military confiscated considerable tracts of land near the city, which it now uses as a base close to the border of the Alliance of the Pantheon and to the hard-to-patrol Great Southern Chaos.

Many citizens have moved out of the city entirely - the wealthier citizens to their manors in the middle of their plantations, and the poorer ones to the many small farming communities close to the Great Southern Chaos. How much money they make from farming and how much from smuggling is anyone's guess.

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