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The "Discendenti dei Giusti Morti" ("Descendants of the Righteous Dead"), commonly known as the Discendenti, are the largest criminal organizations of the Parginian Rim. They claim to descend - often spiritually, but sometimes literally - from the Bandit Kings of the Varcomo Mountains, which they eulogize as freedom fighters against tyranny and oppression. Each clan of the Discendenti is aligned with a different Bandit King, and these ancient ghosts are the actual leaders of the group - though in practice the most powerful living clan member, or capo, runs the day-to-day business of the clan. He is advised by several consigliere, or advisers, who are ghosts of older clan members, as well as the padre, who is the senior priest of Cyrelis within a given clan. Below him, there may be several layers of soldati or "made men", clan members who have been inducted into the Cult of Cryelis and sworn oaths of loyalty and secrecy. Below these are the "associates" - relatives and other people close to the clan who are not fully trusted with the clan's secrets but which are protected nonetheless. An associate who serves the clan loyally for many years will likely eventually be inducted into its ranks.

The Discendenti can be found in all Parginian cities and even beyond, especially in cities with a large Parginian expatriate community. They have a vicious reputation, and their opponents also fear the ghosts they can call upon in hours of need (though they respect the dead too much to do so for trivial reasons). In many cities and communities their influence is so large that the government is little more than a puppet of the local capo. The biggest threat to them are largely other Discendenti clans, for the Bandit Kings and their capos have their own rivalries, and their turf battles can be intense.

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The Urbis version of the Sicilian Mafia and similar Italian crime rings, with some added creepy ghost and ancestor worship thrown in.


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