District Of Shend
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In a reflection of the detailed city planning efforts of the city itself, the farming district of Shend is heavily controlled by the Agricultural Society. The Agricultural Society is a body of "agricultural experts" hand-picked by the merchant Charles Shend himself. This group of experts plans crop rotation, controls agricultural magic use, and tests new methods from their research to produce fruits and vegetables in the most efficient and productive way possible. In fact, Shend produces the majority of the vegetable food products for the Protectorate.

All of the wizards, clerics, farming families, and guards in this district are employees or contractors of the Shend Mercantile Company based in the Town of Shend. The benefit of having all the needed skills on a steady payroll, is that even in a bad year, where more magic is needed to sustain the crops or when bandits are more prevalent, the farming families do not starve to death or have to sacrifice. It also means that the Shend Mercantile Company can insure that they get a good price for their crops and always have a place to sell them. However, this also means that the Company receives most of the extra profits in good years and the farming families remain lower-class citizens throughout their life and have little chance to rise in status.

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