Divine One
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The faith of the Divine One, which is the prevalent religion in the Gawaris Desert and common in the surrounding areas, holds that there is one single divine being which created the world and all that lives within it. All other "gods" which are worshiped are misguided archangels at best, and devils and similar entities at worst. In this, they share many aspects with the faith of Thenos. However, the followers of the Divine One claim that Thenos was not actually the Supreme Being incarnated into a human form, but a prophet of the same - the second-to-last prophet the Divine One sent to Rothea. The true accounts of his teachings were then obscured by another fallen archangel, who usurped the nascent faith and grants its followers divine magic. According to the followers of the Divine One, there actually no such thing as "divine magic" - the Divine One grants no spells, only the wisdom to understand his teachings. As a result, the faith is suspicious of any kind of magic which draws upon otherworldly forces, which includes divine magic, animistic magic, and pact magic (psionics is widely distrusted as it seems to be an otherworldly taint on human bloodlines, but there are no firm rulings on this one way or another). Most forms of ritual magic (except those dealing with summoning and contacting extraplanar entities) are accepted, though - they are seen more as an academic or professional field of learning. Whether or not Scholastic Magic is an acceptable field of study for one of the faithful is one of the divisions between the Keepers of the Book and The Faithful that drives their civil war.

The fundamentals of their faith are the writings of the last prophet of the Divine One (commonly simply referred to as The Prophet), who, to their mind, was writing down the literal word of the Divine Gods from his visions. Apart from that, there are numerous collections of anecdotes of the life of the Prophet on which the faithful base how to live a proper life - but not all are considered of equal veracity, and the factions in the civil war are basing their arguments on different collections of these anecdotes.

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This religion is supposed to be a stand-in for Islam in the same way that the faith of Thenos is a stand-in for Christianity. Don't expect too much historical accuracy, though - I am no scholar on Islam, so I am going for flavor instead.


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