Dlar Svertikson
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Dlar Svertikson is the wealthy owner of several large factories and workshops in Halvesdorf, which he inherited from his father, the previous Hidden King of Nimdenthal. He was very upset when he didn't inherit the title of Hidden King as well, as the local dwarven community judged him too selfish and petty for such an important office. However, they do not know true their opinion of him is, as he had his own father secretly murdered to get at the inheritance.

Thwarted by his peers, Dlar has instead taken to using his wealth to buy influence. He has managed to install himself as the dwarven spokesperson to the City Council, despite the fact that most dwarves would deny that he speaks for them, and he is a major supporter of Grimbald Hagrimson, who needs Dlar's money for his own political ambitions despite his suspicions about Dlar's character.

Recently, Dlar has received an anonymous letter hinting that there is someone out there who knows where his father's body may be found - which means that his hand in the death is in danger of being revealed. Understandably, this has made Dlar very paranoid indeed, and he is looking for a group of outsiders to Nimdenthal who can discretely solve this problem for him.

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