Dragon Guard
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When the dragonkin were purged from the Desert of Thunder, a small group eventually reached Avareen and petitioned its ruler for protection. The queen at the time agreed, on the condition that they and their descendants serve as her elite bodyguards - the Dragon Guard. Since then, the dragonkin have served the ruling queen faithfully and act as bodyguards and enforcers for her and her highest officials.

These dragonkin have prospered in Avareen, and yet they have little freedom. They have gained some respect for their position, yet their superiors ultimately control their lives and can order them to do even the most unpleasant things. So far, almost all dragonkin have kept their oaths, but the gradual decline of Avareen into whimsy and madness has become more and more troubling to many of them.

Members of the Dragon Guard have only one period of freedom in their lives: They are allowed to leave Avareen for five years to find a suitable mate in order to keep their blood strong. If they are unable to find a mate within that period, they have to return regardless and live out their lives childless. No member of the Dragon Guard forgets that brief period of freedom, and most cling to it fondly when their duties become worse and worse.

Adventure Ideas

A dragonkin player character could easily be a member of the Dragon Guard during his five years of leave.

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