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Population: 231,423

While most communities of the Alliance were founded by religious refugees, the founders of the older town of Dragonmoot fled from a different kind of persecution. Many groups of dragonkin fled to this area after they were purged from the Desert of Thunder, as it was far away from the desert, relatively empty of humans, and yet still reasonably dry and warm. Eventually, the town of Dragonmoot evolved into the single largest settlement of dragonkin in the world (though given the wandering ways of the dragonkin, this wasn't saying much). When the scores of refugees came to the region from Thenares, the dragonkin accepted them with few reservations, as they knew what it was like to be persecuted. This practice continued during the sporadic sectarian conflicts erupting within the Alliance, which led to a large number of fringe movements and sects which are active within Dragonmoot to this very day. However, this had the side effect of gradually making the dragonkin a minority within their own city - which has strengthened the desire of Tagash Firetongue and others to create a new, true dragonkin nation.

Today, Dragonmoot is one of the strongest supporters of the war effort. The inhabitants do not look forward to fighting, but they are willing to give all to protect their freedom and their way of life.

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This was written up when D&D 4E turned up on the horizon, and I had to give the dragonborn (now renamed dragonkin) a presence in the Known Lands. A settlement in the Alliance of the Pantheon seemed like a good fit.


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