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Druids are an ancient tradition of practitioners of animistic magic prevalent in northern lands. While they are often seen as a religious group, this is somewhat misleading - it would be more accurate to say that they saw themselves as intermediaries between the primitive barbarian tribes and the nature spirits of the world surrounding them. Most of the tribes had their own priests following various deities who were responsible for most rites involving tribal life - birth, death, coming-of-age, marriage and so forth. However, when the tribes needed to interact not with other people but with the forces of nature, druids were sought out as intermediaries instead.

Usually, children with an aptitude for contacting the spirits would be recruited at an early age, leaving their former tribes behind and learning the secrets of the trade in an apprenticeship of sorts from more senior druids. Apart from negotiations with the spirits, druids generally had little contact with other people as they were self-sufficient overall and got what little supplies they needed as "gifts" from the tribes. During solstices and other astronomically significant dates they would meet and exchange news and decide on larger political matters affecting them. A number of very senior druids were generally considered as "archdruids" whose responsibilities would cover a much wider region.

In the modern age, druids haven't fared well. As civilization is encroaching, the traditional spirits of the wilderness are in retreat. Some druids have started an all-out war against civilization, earning them the label of "anarchists". Others just take care of their own little corner of the world and try to keep it in balance as much as they can. And some radicals, who are frequently denounced by their traditionalist peers, have begun to explore what manner of spirits might be found in the encroaching cities…

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