Durbir Nurduum
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Durbir, the head of the Ardin Hold security force, is very handsome even by the standards of other races. He has black braided hair and a beard styled in the same way and his blue eyes stand out against his light skin. He often wears glossy black and silver chain mail while tending to paperwork in his office or while patroling Ardin Hold. When expecting a real battle, however, he prefers his dwarven forged half plate intricately etched with Dwarven script and images of great, historical battles. His attitude towards troublemakers, and those he perceives as troublemakers, is at best unfriendly and often tends to be antagonistic. Unfortunately, he regards most non-dwarves in Ardin Hold as troublemakers and is likely to accost them upon arrival if he is currently on patrol. This has recently caused conflict with Ardin Hold's Hidden King, as tourists looking to purchase dwarven-made goods in Ardin Hold have been increasingly coming into the village to spend their foreign gold.

Durbir runs his security force, known as the Wolves, like a tyrant and has an open invitation for his fighters to challenge him for leadership. However, this does not happen often, as the last dwarf who did so lost an arm over a disagreement about training drills and was forced to leave the community. Because of his leadership style, most of Durbir's Wolves are fierce and strong fighters who follow orders without argument or disagreement. When patrolling away from Durbir, however, they are much less aggressive towards visitors and only challenge those who truly pose a problem.

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