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When Prince Canadir conquered Holzau, one of his first activities was to transform a region of meadows outside of the city walls into a new elven settlement, claiming that no human-built structure was worthy of housing him and his entourage. Thus, Elfstetten was born, a small district with the distinct tree architecture of Avareen. The successive governments of Grüngarten have not dared to remove any of the trees, and the district still looks basically the same as it did then (though the trees have grown larger). While Elfstetten is no longer exclusively inhabited by elves and sidhe, they still own all the properties here and generally prefer to rent out to their own. Members of other races living here are required to be on their best behavior, or they will quickly be evicted. Nevertheless, the waiting list is long, as living here is seen as prestigious and the district is seen as representative of all that Grüngarten could be.

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