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Population: 63,621


The center of the faith of Mara, if there can be said to be such a thing, the inhabitants of this remote mountain commune have kept to themselves over the years. Since this city is too far away from most trade routes and has little in the way of resources other than fertile soil, most would-be conquerors have ignored it despite the apparent defenselessness of its citizens. As a result, the followers of Mara have been left alone to practice their crafts—mostly trying to figure out new ways of creating potent recreational drugs.

Now, however, Eloria has joined the war effort. While they haven't sent any front-line fighters, their priests now regularly enter the dreams of enemy commanders and politicians, causing them to have disturbing nightmares one night after another. This has severely reduced their effectiveness in the service of the League war effort, though if they were to discover the source of their night terrors, they would undoubtedly try to strike back at their tormentors with a vengeance.

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