ELRT Building
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The exploration of the solar system pushed by the city of Bodenwald and the Astromantic Society have long been considered a waste of money and magical resources, but the phenomenal profits generated by the mining colonies on Surtus and the many valuable ores and materials brought back from other worlds have caused the other Flannish Cities to reconsider their stance, and several have belatedly started their own projects to explore the vastness of space. In this race, Nimdenthal was never considered to be even a dark horse contender, but unexpectedly the city council, the Akademie der Durchtriebenen Künste, and several rich local industrialists (including Dlar Svertikson) have embarked on a joint project that might just prove them all wrong - if it doesn't unleash greater dangers on the city first.

To transport goods and people quickly and efficiently from Rothea to other worlds and back, the so-called "Extended Long-Range Teleportation", or ELRT Building is currently being built on the mountaintop above the Röchelbach district. It is a sphere approximately 50 yards in diameter, and requires an enormous amount of magical precision work - but when finished, off-world teleportation will be far cheaper than with the conventional rituals the Astromantic Society uses. However, what makes it controversial is that what powers the teleportation process are numerous summoned and imprisoned devils, which has caused many that this building, when completed and activated, will unleash a disaster that will make the Teufelsnacht like a minor drunken brawl.

Both the press and the locals have began calling the building the "Hellgate".

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