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Population: 78,735

Located on the westernmost island, Eluvanar is the capital of Narevoreen. Its location symbolized the realm's detachment from the affairs of the continent, and by implication, the affairs of humanity. Now that isolation is over, and for the first time in elven memory, humans have begun to visit the capital. And a splendid view it is to their eyes - soaring buildings of stone and marble carved to the finest specifications conceived of elven aesthetics meld together seamlessly with elven tree architecture to make a city that seems more majestic and alive than human cities many times its size.

Eluvanar also has the largest port in Narevoreen, though these days Navar sees more traffic. The large fishing fleet aside, Eluvanar is now the starting point for many elven expeditions exploring the oceans to the west, north and south, for many adventurous elves hope that in some distant land across the sea they will find knowledge or magic that allows them to make their realm safe from the humans again.

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