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The Endhof is the main prison of Hogenrood - a place of desperation where political dissidents share cells with hardened criminals, never knowing whether they will be released soon or be dragged off to their execution in the courtyard, where the condemned are beheaded in full sight of all the cell windows.

Curiously, the heads of the victims sometimes still twitch after the execution, almost as if they wanted to scream - though no longer having lungs connected to them, no sound could possibly emit from their mouths. The executioners always quickly carry both bodies and heads away to places unseen by the prisoners - the bodies to the prison crematorium, the heads to a secret lab maintained on the premises where government mages experiment on how to use the life forces of the magically preserved heads as a source of magical energy. As the heads experience a never-ending living nightmare, the miniature nexus tower they are connected in produces a steady trickle of black-hued azoth which can only be used for the darkest of rituals.

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