Population: 55,823

This town on the shores of the Great Lake is home to those who wish to get away from the wild abandon and intrigue of mainstream elven society - or who fear for their continued health should they remain there. The unspoken agreement is that elves who retire to this city stay there and no longer involve themselves in the courtly power plays elsewhere in Avareen - and in return, the elves elsewhere will leave them alone. This does not always work out - some try to continue their plots from exile and build up a new power base - but the elders of this city exile anyone they see as abusing their hospitality.

Many elves spend the rest of their days here in artistic pursuits, mastering skills in a variety of crafts and creating items of unsurpassed beauty - or power. This gives the city an unusually quiet and contemplative atmosphere for an elven settlement, and perhaps it is not surprising that many unusual fighting styles known in the Western Known Lands were first developed here. There are several schools of martial arts in this city, and some accept students from all races.

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Monks are not listed in the 4E SRD, and thus I cannot use it in official descriptions - but if you do use it, this place can be used to explain their origin and training.


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