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To some sidhe houses, the idea of the end of sidhe rulership over Tuvareen was intolerable - but the idea of mingling their blood with mere humans for the sake of survival was even more intolerable.

So they decided to invite sidhe from Avareen to replace them instead. Each of the Tuvareen houses allied itself with one house from Avareen, which sent its scions to Tuvareen to gradually take over their holdings as they became available. However, these new arrivals could not swear loyalty to the throne of Tuvareen, as that would have meant that they, too, would fall under the effects of the Curse - instead, their loyalty remains with Avareen. Eventually, Tuvareen would become nothing more than a colony of Avareen - a galling prospect to many natives, but to the Eowar, as this faction calls itself, this prospect is better than the alternatives.

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